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Smart Card Based Attendance Software and Access Control System

  Software is fast becoming an appropriate substitute of human labor. Access Control System is one of those potent automation systems that enable the authority to control access to areas and/or resources in a physical or computerised information system.

Access Control System has altered human labor successfully and brought out a revolutionary change in the way enterprises are run. Access Control System (ACS) can be used to record several data related to attendance of your employees and helps you mark those who are in time. The Access Control software solutions are also used to restrict unauthorised entrance in the restricted areas and manage online transactions.

The access control software is installed to identify and provide access to authorised persons to the authorised places. This automated software system performs several roles like attendance recorder, time recorder, leave management and a lot more that are essentially necessary to run an organization successfully. This automated system alone can perform the role of doorman, a guard and even of a ticket checker. In this access control system, every authorised user has a user name or a number or both as codes that are unique. These are used as a medium to identify the person who is accessing a particular service or entering any restricted premise. By using the same user name of passwords, these software solutions or automated attendance software system can work as an attendance recorder or even as a time recorder.

Comptronic Solutions is one of the fastest growing software companies in India that have a rich range of automated software solutions. The Comptronics Solutions team has designed huge number of access control systems that can manage attendance through different mediums like smart card, proximity and so on. These automated software solutions can also be installed to restrict unauthorised access to prohibited areas like offices, factories etc.

We are also dealing with:
Biometric Security and Biometric attendance System
ProAccess Face Recognition System
Vehicle Access Control System
Electronic Locking System

Some of the Access Control Systems and automated software systems designed by Comptronic Solutions are the following:

PP-6750 Intelligent Attendance Recorder and Access Control Software System(Proximity and Smart Card Option)
PP-6750 series products provide a fully featured hardware/ firmware infrastructure for the access control system. This automated system supports stand-alone or intelligent PC on/off-line operation, and networking expandability with an additional TCP/IP converter. Most system parameters, personal map settings and status inquiry can be accomplished on this product independently. The same data can be unloaded / downloaded via online PC. Furthermore, this automated system can be upgraded to support up to 15,000 card holders and 32,000 events buffer. Also, a lot of derivative versions to cover ARM/DISARM, two man escort, patrol, card with validity date, separate Digital Door Driver (DDR) and other customer special requested functions are reserved as optional functions to be ordered on OEM/ODM basis.

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PP-6707 Intelligent Attendance Record System and Access Control System (Proximity )
This automated system has a wide range of features and can be used as an attendance recorder, time recorder as well as an electronic security device. Some of the highly appreciated features of this system are the following:

•Proximity Reader / Access Controller / Time & Attendance 3 in 1 design, supports stand-alone or intelligent PC on/off-line operation.
•Built-in reader and provides a standard Wiegand input for external reader with anti-pass back function, also comes with 24/36/48 hours anti-pass back reset function.
•Support contactless thick, thin card (credit card size and easy for color printing) and keyfob.
•With nonvolatile memory for 2,000 cards and 1,800 events.

Operation modes:
(1) Card only (2) Card and PIN (3) Keying only (by card number and PIN) (4) Auto operation mode by time zones (5) personalized operation mode (optional) (6) Auto free access

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  PP-5707 Intelligent Attendance Recorder and Access Control Software System (Proximity and Smart Card Option)
• Support contaclless thick, thin card (credit card size and easy for color printing) and keyfub.
• With nonvolatile memory for 2,000 cards arid 2,000 events 
• Card can be added / Deleted / Inquired in single / block of range or by read & learning by manual operation or via PC. 
• System parameters and personal maps editing with keypad by master card also can be uploaded / downloaded via on-line PC.

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  IC30 Proximity Attendance Software and Access Control System
---Pen Drive Option
---Inbuilt Battery Backup

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  KC35 Smart Card Attendance Software and Access Control System
---Pen Drive Option
---Inbuilt BAttery Backup

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